Animal Actors on Location in Universal Studios Florida

Animal Actors on Location sign and theater.

Animal Actors on Location sign and theater.

Type of Show

Family-friendly comedy show with live animals and audience interaction.

Show Length

About 20 minutes


Animal Actors on Location is just past the entrance of Woody Woodpecker's KidZone in Universal Studios Florida (USF). Just walk into the area and turn to your left. Nearby attractions include Fievel's Playland.

Animal Actors on Location Show Description

Animal Actors on Location is a family-friendly comedy show featuring live animals like dogs, cats, birds, otters, pigs, and even a skunk. The animals are trained to perform a number of different tricks and stunts. Some of these tricks are the types of things that may be in demand on a movie set. In between tricks, the trainers share information about the animals and training methods. 

The animal line-up changes from time to time, but has (in the past) featured at least a few animal actors from familiar movies. Some examples include the dogs from Marley and Me and Men In Black and the bird from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The stage show takes place in an outdoor amphitheater that is covered by a canopy. After the show, guests are invited to meet and greet (and pet) some of the animals from the show - primarily the dogs. 

Banners advertising Animal Actors on Location in Universal Studios Florida.

Banners advertising Animal Actors on Location in Universal Studios Florida.

Animal Actors on Location Show History

Animal Actors on Location replaced another live animal stage show called Animal Planet Live, which closed in 2006. Animal Planet Live was inspired by the Animal Planet television channel; it replaced Animal Actors Stage, the very first live animal show at Universal Studios Florida. 

Express Pass

An Express Pass can be used at Animal Actors on Location.


Guests who visit Animal Actors on Location can remain in wheelchairs or electronic conveyance vehicles (ECVs) for the duration of the show. Some of the Animal Actors on Location shows are interpreted through sign language. Guests should see the Universal Studios Florida park map (near the entrance of the park) to see times for interpreted shows.

Show Tips

  • Volunteers are chosen from the audience to participate in the show. Raise your hand and exhibit at least a little enthusiasm if you want to be selected.
  • The best seats are up front, where it is easy to see the animals. Of course, those seats go quickly, so you should try to arrive early (20-30 minutes prior to show time) for the best viewing options. 
  • The outdoor amphitheater where the show takes place is shaded by a canopy so you are out of the sun, but the heat can still be tough to handle on warm summer days. Make sure you have something to drink so you can stay hydrated.

Review of Animal Actors On Location

Animal Actors on Location is one of those rare shows that seems to be equally entertaining for children and adults. The show demonstrates a nice balance between cute and funny, and the trainers seem to genuinely love the animals they are working with. 

Animal Actors on Location Image Gallery

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