Blue Man Group in Universal City Walk Orlando

The Blue Man Group Theatre. 

The Blue Man Group Theatre. 


The Blue Man Group Theatre is located in the old Nickelodeon Studios Building. You'll find it between the Hard Rock CafƩ and the Universal Studios gates. The theatre shares a path with the side entrance to USF (near Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit).

Blue Man Group Show Description

The Blue Man Group show is difficult to describe because it doesn't fall into any one category. It is a multi-sensory performance art experience that combines music, dance, comedy, paint, science, technology, and other creative elements. 

The award-winning show is performed by three bald men who are all covered in greasy blue paint. They do not speak during the show, but find many other ways to express themselves and interact with the audience. There is a lot of percussion-based music and other sounds specifically designed to engage the crowd and pump up excitement levels.

The Blue Man Group show is considered family-friendly. The humor can be entertaining to both adults and children. However, this show may not be appropriate for really small children (babies to toddlers) who don't always appreciate the flashing lights and booming sound. 

Show Length 

The Blue Man Group show runs for one hour and forty five minutes. Note: There is no intermission. 


A concession stand is available. You can buy snacks, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages, all of which can be taken back to your seat and consumed while you watch the show.

Blue Man Group Show History

The Blue Man Group performs in venues around the world. They have been seen by millions of people in more than 35 different countries since the early 1990s. Blue Man Group has been performing in Universal CityWalk Orlando since 2007. 

The path leading to the Blue Man Group Theatre. 

The path leading to the Blue Man Group Theatre. 

Seating in the Blue Man Group Theatre

The Blue Man Group Theatre seats about 1,000 people. Seating is split into several sections. 

The section closest to the stage consists of four rows and is known as the Poncho Section. Guests who sit in this section are most likely to experience interaction with the show performers. They are also the most likely victims of paint splatters. Everyone who sits in this section is given a complimentary poncho just in case. (Don't worry too much about being splashed with paint; it's washable.)

The rest of the seating is split into zones: Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4. Zone 1 contains part of the Premium Section, which consists of the center rows directly behind the Poncho Section. Poncho seats and Premium seats tend to be the most expensive seats in the house.


The Blue Man Group Theatre has multiple ADA seats scattered throughout the space. These seats can be purchased in singles or pairs. Assistive listening and special narration is also available. At least one autism-friendly show is performed in Orlando each year.

Blue Man Group Discounts and Deals

Prices for Universal annual passholders start at $60 for adults and $30 for kids. But even if you aren't an annual passholder, there are still lots of different ways to save on Blue Man Group tickets. Student pricing and same day military discounts are available. You can also combine Blue Man Group tickets with park tickets to save a few bucks. If you already have park tickets, consider a meal and a show deal, which includes a meal at a CityWalk restaurant and show tickets. Meal and show deal prices start at around $75 for adults. In most cases, buying your tickets in advance rather than at the door can save you about $10.

Attending a Blue Man Group show can also save you money in CityWalk and give you special perks. For example, if you show your Blue Man Group ticket stub, you can sometimes get free admission to certain CityWalk venues like The Groove and CityWalk Rising Star. Show tickets can also get you priority seating at many different CityWalk restaurants, and occasionally, a 10 percent discounts on meals. Read more about Blue Man Group's special offers

How to Buy Blue Man Group Tickets

If you are alone or attending with less than 10 people, you can call 407-BLUE-MAN (258-3626) to purchase tickets over the phone (or ask questions about the show). Blue Man Group tickets are also available on the Universal Orlando Resort website. 

If you have 10 or more people in your party or if you're interested in a special event, you should call 407-224-3313 or visit the Blue Man Group Sales and Events page on the Universal Orlando website. 

UO Fan Guide Tips

It takes at least 10 to 15 minutes to walk from the Universal Orlando Resort parking structure to the Blue Man Group Theatre, depending on your waking speed and parking spot. You should allow extra time to get through CityWalk security. We recommend arriving at least one hour in advance. If you're late, you will be seated in a convenient, non-disruptive place by management, which means you might not get the seats you paid for.

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