Cinnabon in Universal CityWalk Orlando

The Cinnabon location in Universal CityWalk.

The Cinnabon location in Universal CityWalk.


Cinnabon is located on the lower level of CityWalk Orlando. You'll find it next door to the Quiet Flight Surf Shop.

Cinnabon in CityWalk Restaurant Description

Cinnabon is one of several quick service dining locations in CityWalk Orlando. This Cinnabon location is comparable to pretty much every other Cinnabon. When you walk in, you're overwhelmed by the smell of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls. 

Cinnabon sells Seattle's Best Coffee and hand-held egg sandwiches. Some sandwiches have cheese; others have cheese and bacon or cheese and sausage. Of course, Cinnabon is most well known for their hot out-of-the-oven cinnamon and pecan rolls. The average menu item is between $3 and $6. Mutli-packs of Cinnabons and other treats are a bit more expensive and range from 4-packs to 15-packs. 


The CityWalk Cinnabon is a convenient stop for a coffee and hand-held breakfast on your way into the theme parks. Opening times vary. In many cases, the CityWalk location is open about a half an hour before the parks open to the general public. This is often too late for guests who have early entry to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but works well for people who have general park admission. Hours can vary; contact guest services for specifics or use the free Universal Orlando app for opening times on the days you are visiting. 

The interior of Cinnabon.

The interior of Cinnabon.

Cinnabon in CityWalk Menu and Prices


Served Until 11:00 am Daily

  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: $4.29
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich Combo with Coffee (UD): $5.99
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: $4.29
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich Combo with Coffee (UD): $5.99
  • Egg & Cheese Sandwich: $3.79
  • Egg & Cheese Sandwich Combo with Coffee (UD): $5.49
  • Sausage Bites (3 count): $3.49
  • Sausage Bites (3 count) Combo with Coffee (UD): $5.29
  • Sausage Bites (5 count): $4.49
  • Sausage Bites (5 count) Combo with Coffee (UD): $6.29

Baked Treats

  • Cinnabon Classic Roll (UD): $4.29
  • Cinnabon Classic Roll Combo with Regular Iced Coffee: $5.99
  • Caramel Pecanbon® Roll: $5.29
  • Minibon (UD): $3.29
  • Minibon Combo with Regular Iced Coffee: $4.99
  • Center of the Roll (UD): $4.29
  • Center of the Roll Combo with Regular Iced Coffee: $5.99
  • Cinnabon Stix (5 count) (UD): $4.29 
  • Cinnabon Stix (10 count): $6.29
  • CinnaSweeties (5 count) (UD): $3.29 
  • CinnaSweeties (10 count): $4.99


Pre-packed and ready to heat

  • Cinnabon Classic (4 Rolls): $14.99 
  • Cinnabon Classic (6 Rolls): $17.99
  • Caramel Pecanbon (4 Rolls): $16.99
  • Cinnabon Classic and Caramel Pecanbon Combo (4 Rolls): $15.99
  • Minibon (9 Rolls): $17.99 
  • Minibon (15 Rolls): $26.99
  • Frosting Cup: $0.99


  • Cinnamon Roll Iced Coffee 16 oz. (UD): $2.99 
  • Cinnamon Roll Iced Coffee 24 oz.: $3.99
  • MochaLatta Chill: $4.49
  • Chillattas (Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Oreo, Chocolate Mocha): $4.79
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee (UD): $2.49
  • Hot Tea (UD): $2.49
  • Hot Chocolate (UD): $2.49
  • Fountain Soda (UD): $3.29
  • Orange Juice (UD): $2.29
  • Apple Juice (UD): $2.29
  • 2% Milk (UD): $2.69
  • Chocolate Milk (UD): $2.69
  • Bottled Water (UD): $2.99
  • Powerade (UD): $3.99

*You can use the Universal Dining Plan on items marked with (UD). Menu prices last updated January 2018.

Getting Discounts at Cinnabon in CityWalk

All Universal annual pass holders (except Power Pass holders) get discounts at Cinnabon in CityWalk. The Preferred Pass discount is 10 percent. The Premier Pass discount is 15 percent. 

Dining Tips

  • If you aren't able to get your Cinnabon fix as you walk through CityWalk early in the morning, you can try the second Cinnabon location in Port of Entry in Islands of Adventure. It is located on the left hand side near the boundary that separates Port of Entry from Marvel Super Hero Island. 
  • Other early morning quick service breakfast options in the theme parks include Croissant Moon Bakery and Starbucks in Islands of Adventure (IOA) and Beverly Hills Boulangerie and Starbucks in Universal Studios Florida (USF).
  • If you want to have a seat while you eat breakfast in the parks, try Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley (USF) or Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade (IOA).

Map Cinnabon in CityWalk

Plot out the location of Cinnabon on this CityWalk map. Just look for the number 14. 

Cinnabon is number 14 on this Universal CityWalk map.

Cinnabon is number 14 on this Universal CityWalk map.