Fear Factor Live in Universal Studios in Orlando

Fear Factor Live sign at the front of the attraction.

Fear Factor Live sign at the front of the attraction.

Type of Show

Live action show with contestants (park attendees or Universal Team Members)

Show Length

30 minutes


Fear Factor Live is in the World Expo area of Universal Studios Florida (USF) in Orlando. You can find it between the London Waterfront area and Men In Black Alien Attack (also located in the World Expo area).

Fear Factor Live Show Description

Fear Factor Live is a live, stage-based show that pits six park attendees against each other in a series of competitive stunts. There are three stunts in each show:

  • The first stunt requires competitors to hang from handlebars attached to the rafters of the show space. The first two contestants to fall are kicked out of the competition. The surviving four contestants move on to the next stunt.
  • The second stunt requires the participants to split into two teams of two. One of the contestants is hung in the air, while the other must reach into a tank of live eels to retrieve beanbags that can be flung at the hanging contestant, who must catch them in a bucket. The team who collects the most beanbags in their bucket moves on to the third stunt, which pits them against each other. The losing team is kicked out of the competition.
  • The third stunt requires contestants to climb a ladder and capture flags attached to a building façade. Then, they each crawl into a separate car that has been assigned to them. Each of the cars are lifted into the air, and the contestants must scramble onto the hood of the car (which is being sprayed with water) to retrieve another flag. Then it's back to the inside of the car again to retrieve a rocket launcher from the backseat. Whoever hits the required target with the rocket launcher first wins the competition. 

The audience is encouraged to cheer on the contestants throughout the competition. Audience members can also volunteer at the start of the show for non-dangerous participation in the stunts, such as pulling levers or spraying the contestants with water cannons. There are an additional 18 audience members (not counting the 6 contestants) that are chosen for each show.

You must visit Fear Factor Live casting (near the show building) if you want to be a contestant in the show.

You must visit Fear Factor Live casting (near the show building) if you want to be a contestant in the show.

How to Compete in Fear Factor Live

You need to sign up first thing in the morning or at least 70 minutes prior to show time if you want to be a contestant on Fear Factor Live. Contestants must meet all of the casting requirements (posted outside of the attraction). Requirements state that you need to be at least 18 years old; weigh between 110 and 225 pounds; be more than five feet tall, but not much more than six feet tall; and be physically capable of performing physically demanding stunts. Expectant mothers and people with heart conditions, casts, or back and neck problems are prohibited from participating. 

If you want to participate in Fear Factor Live, but aren’t up for the physically demanding stunts, you can sign up for one of two other challenges: the Critter Challenge or the Food Challenge. You have to be at least 18 years old to participate in the Critter Challenge and at least 16 years old (and have permission from a parent) to participate in the Food Challenge. These challenges are held in between stunt competitions.

The Critter Challenge involves sitting still with a transparent box around your head while a Universal team member places creepy-crawly creatures like cockroaches, spiders, and scorpions into the box. The Food Challenge involves drinking a blended concoction of smelly seafood, curdled milk, crickets, and grasshoppers. You are provided with a chum-bucket just in case your sickening smoothie reappears after you swallow it. 

Fear Factor Live Show History

Universal Orlando worked with the creators of the Fear Factor TV show to choose the stunts for Fear Factor Live. The show officially opened in the World Expo area of Universal Studios in June of 2005. It replaced the Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show, a live stunt show with cowboys, stunts, and explosions. The Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show opened in July of 1991 and closed in September of 2003.

Express Pass

Express passes are accepted for Fear Factor Live.

Guest Accessibility

Guests attending the Fear Factor Live show can remain in wheelchairs or electronic conveyance vehicles (ECVs) for the duration of the show. Closed captioning is available. This show is also interpreted with sign language; see the park map near the park entrance to find show times for interpreted shows. 

Show Tips

  • There is a prize if you win, but don't expect a giant check. Winners typically receive a Universal swag bag that includes things like tickets, t-shirts, and mugs. 
  • If you want a good seat to view all of these things up close, try to arrive at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to show time.

Review of Fear Factor Live in Universal Studios Florida

Fear Factor Live is a lot like its television predecessor. Contestants are subjected to gross and demanding stunts while the audience watches with varying degrees of relish or horror. The Food Challenge and the Critter Challenge are both rather gross and may bother people with a weak or full stomach. We don't care for this show, and we don't recommend it to other people. In fact, we wouldn't mind seeing it replaced with something else. However, if you liked the Fear Factor television show or if you have friends or family participating in Fear Factor Live, you might feel differently. 

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