Guide to Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Houses, Scare Zones and More

What's In This Guide to Halloween Horror Nights 2016?

This is a complete guide to the Halloween Horror Nights 2016 event at Universal Orlando. Click here for the Halloween Horror Nights 2017 guide.

Universal Orlando Resort video explaining Halloween Horror Nights. 

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Event Dates

There are 31 event nights for Halloween Horror Nights 2016. Tickets are available for the following dates:

  • September: 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30
  • October: 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Icon

There is often a special character that serves as the icon or "star" of Halloween Horror Nights. Chance is the star of Halloween Horror Nights 2016. She is a recurring HHN character (and fan favorite) that first appeared in a live HHN show in 2007 called Jack's Carnival of Carnage where she served as Jack's right-hand gal pal. Her look and personality is reminiscent of DC Comics' Harley Quinn.

Chance was also present at Halloween Horror Nights 2015, which was the 25th anniversary of the event. Her and Jack caused quite a bit of carnage that year. HHN 2016 picks up where the story left off in 2015. Chance is now locked up for her crimes, but she is enjoying her time in her cell and knows that anything she can dream up in her mind will manifest itself in the real world. Chance has her own house and scare zone for the 2016 event. 

Get a look at Chance in this teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort.

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Houses

The haunted houses, also known as mazes, are the main draw of Halloween Horror Nights. The big thing that you should know about these attractions is that they are not like your neighborhood haunted house. HHN houses are elaborately decorated sets that are filled with fantastic props and carefully selected scareactors who are in charge of frightening everyone that comes through. 

The houses are located in Universal soundstages, tents, and ride queue areas. Each house is indoors, so you don't have to worry about bad weather spoiling your fun. Halloween Horror Nights 2016 will have nine houses. Some of them are original houses, and others are based on an intellectual property (IP) like Krampus or The Walking Dead. Eight of the nine houses for 2016 have been announced so far.

Lunatics Playground 3D - You Won't Stand a Chance

Lunatic's Playground 3D - You Won't Stand a Chance is an original house based on the imagination of Chance, this year's HHN icon. Universal Orlando describes this house as a "3D playground of carnage." Guests who enter this house get a peek into Chance's "theatre of the mind" as she bounces between delusions and reality. In one scene, you see marionettes that have been created by Chance and her misfits using victims who have been chopped apart and then tied back together. You'll see how the marionettes look in reality and in Chance's twisted mind.  If this house excites you, you'll want to check out the associated scare zone called A Chance in Hell.    

 Lunatic's Playground 3D: You Won't Stand a Chance promo picture. Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort.

Lunatic's Playground 3D: You Won't Stand a Chance promo picture. Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort.

Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch

Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch is another original house. It takes guests on a Wild West adventure through a ghost town that comes to life whenever lightning strikes. This house features tight corridors, flashing lightning, rolling thunder, store fronts, a piano bar, and a few unfortunate souls who went looking for treasure but ended up uncovering something very dark and dangerous.

Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch  teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort.

Tomb of the Ancients

Originally codenamed COBWEB on social media, Tomb of the Ancients is an original house that revolves around immortal beings known as the "Ancient Ones." These ancient evil-doers have broken loose from the pits of hell and have one goal: rule mankind. You should expect to see creatures here that are inspired by Asian, South American, and Egyptian cultures. One particular character that you are sure to encounter is Amut, who has the mane and paws of a lion but the face of a crocodile. 

Tomb of the Ancients teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist maze is based on The Exorcist movie, which has been called the scariest movie of all time. It was the first horror film to be nominated for an Academy award and is also one of the highest grossing films in history. This will be the first time that The Exorcist has had its own house at Halloween Horror Nights. Most of the film takes place in the bedroom of a twelve-year-old girl named Regan, who is possessed by a demon and in need of an exorcism. The Exorcist house, which is set in a soundstage, will represent that set. You can expect to see Regan's famous bedroom along with visuals and characters from the movie.  

The Exorcist teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort.

Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield

In 2014, Michael Myers and the Halloween movie came to Halloween Horror Nights. This year, Myers is back for another house, but this one is based on Halloween II. The HHN experience will start where the 2014 house left off - you're being chased by Michael Myers through Haddonfield and must seek refuge in the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital (the primary setting for the Halloween II movie), where you can expect to see scenes recreated from the film. Keep your eye out for Michael - he's the one in a mask. 

 Hell Comes to Haddonfield. Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Hell Comes to Haddonfield. Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort


Krampus is a Christmas themed house based on the comedy/horror film of the same name. The Krampus character was inspired by a demonic spirit from German folklore who punishes those who have been bad or lost their Christmas spirit. In the movie, he is described as the shadow of Saint Nicholas (Santa). At Halloween Horror Nights 2016, the Krampus maze will be set in the Engel house from the movie. As you go from room to room, you will see scenes and characters from the film, including gingerbread men, a Jack-in-the-Box, marauding dark elves, and a deranged teddy bear with sharp teeth. If you don't keep your Christmas spirit up as you travel through the house, Krampus might take your soul. 

Krampus teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the first house to be announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2016. It is based on the original 1974 classic film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The main antagonist of the movie is Leatherface, a former butcher and murderous cannibal who wields a chainsaw and wears a mask made of human skin. At HHN, the house will be set in a tent between The Simpsons Ride and Men in Black: Alien Attack. The film was set in a dilapidated Texas farmhouse, so you can probably expect the same setting for the HHN maze. It's also safe to say that you will see and hear a chainsaw along with Leatherface himself. 

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead maze at Halloween Horror Nights 2016 incorporates all six seasons of The Walking Dead television show on AMC. While you're in the maze, you'll see references from Season One; escape from the Season Two barn (on the Greene Family Farm); walk past the Walker aquarium collection as seen in Season Three; speed through Terminus, the location featured in Season Four; traverse the sewers of Alexandria, the location of Season Five; and make it through a battle against the Wolves of Season Six. You'll also see hordes of Walkers who want to snack on you.

The Walking Dead teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort.

American Horror Story

For the first time ever, FX's American Horror Story is coming to Halloween Horror Nights. The AHS house will be based on Season 1: Murder House, Season 4: Freak Show, and Season 5: Hotel. You can expect to see key characters, moments, and environments from each season as you move through the house. For example, you will have to evade some of the darker characters from the Murder House basement. You'll also witness the demise of Freak Show characters, encounter Twisty the Clown, and check into the Hotel Cortez where you'll fall victim to The Countess. Universal Creative worked closely with show creator Ryan Murphy to create this house, so it's fair to say that this house will capture the true spirit of AHS.   

American Horror Story teaser trailer from Universal Orlando Resort.

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Scare Zones

Scare zones are special outdoor areas in the park that feature themed sets, props, and scareactors. Unlike the houses, scare zones don't have queues, which means you don't have to wait in line to enjoy these experiences. Scare zones are located around the park, mostly on the streets, giving you something to do while you roam from house to house. The scare zones can be a lot of fun and shouldn't be passed by. Halloween Horror Nights 2016 has five scare zones, each based on an original concept. See our Scare Zone Pictorial for an up close look at this year's HHN scare zones.

A Chance in Hell

In this HHN scare zone, Chance worshipers are holding auditions for future cellmates while alarm bells ring and corpses pile up.

 Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Lair of the Banshees

A magical barrier of vines is the only thing that separates the modern world and an ancient world filled with evil spirits. But the vines have been torn, and the entrance to the Lair of the Banshees has been revealed. Expect lots of horrific creatures in this Halloween Horror Nights 2016 scare zone.

  Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Dead Man's Wharf

This HHN scare zone is haunted by a strange fog and the spirits of fishermen who were aboard a fishing boat called Annabel Lee. (If you're wondering about the name - it is a nod to horror writer Edgar Allen Poe.) The boat went out years ago, but never returned to its harbor. And now, the doomed souls of the fishermen have decided to punish the village that abandoned them.

  Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Survive or Die

This HHN scare zone presents a post-apocalyptic Earth where the atmosphere has been destroyed. Some of the survivors have banded together and are in possession of a machine that can clean the air. But there are two other groups that want the machine. You can either join their ranks or feed their ranks.  

  Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Vamp 1955

This HHN scare zone is the setting for Hollywood High School's 1955 Homecoming Parade. But this isn't your everyday parade. Greasers, who also happen to be vampires, have crashed the event, and they're hungry for blood.

  Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Shows

Halloween Horror Nights features two live stage shows. Stage shows are performed multiple times each night, so if you don't catch the first show of the night, you can always catch a later performance. The two shows for Halloween Horror Nights 2016 include Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure and Academy of Villains: House of Fear. 

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure

It wouldn't be Halloween Horror Nights without Bill and Ted. These two excellent dudes take the stage each year to perform a hilarious stage show full of pop culture references. The Two Great Ones are considered HHN royalty by their adoring fans. If you have no idea who Bill and Ted are, you may want to consider watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey before attending Halloween Horror Nights. 

Academy of Villains: House of Fear

The Academy of Villains is a San Francisco-based, horror-infused theatrical dance company known for performing high energy acts that combine dance, stunts, and storytelling. They appeared on the seventh season of Americas Got Talent and have performed on stages all over the world. In 2016, they will perform on stage at Halloween Horror Nights. Universal Orlando calls the show an "explosion of insanity that will thrust you into a realm of mayhem and maniacal terror."

Academy of Villains performing at Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights 2015.

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