Red Coconut Club in Universal CityWalk Orlando

The Red Coconut Club has two levels.

The Red Coconut Club has two levels.


The Red Coconut Club is located on the entertainment promenade in Universal CityWalk Orlando. You'll find it next door to Bob Marley - Tribute to Freedom.

What Is the Red Coconut Club?

The Red Coconut Club is a two-level venue, with balconies on the upper level. The vibe is eclectic, tropical, and trendy; picture Old Vegas with Polynesian and Cuban influences. Some people go to the Red Coconut Club to drink and mingle and nibble on appetizers, but many people go to dance. There is live music nightly and a DJ that takes over late at night. Music includes everything from Top 40 and 80s music to sultry Latin dance tunes. 

In between dances, you can get a wide range of drinks, from Cosmopolitans and signature martinis to wine, beer, and Red Coconut Clubs, which combine Red Bull with shots of liquor. With table service and three different bars among the two levels, you shouldn't have any trouble getting whatever you'd like. Appetizers are also available, but don't plan on being able to order a full meal. 

Seating includes small tables on the outdoor balcony, bongo-shaped stools at the bar, and colorful vintage couches. The balconies are a good spot to get a view of the CityWalk promenade. 

Age Requirements

You must be at least 21 years old to be admitted into the Red Coconut Club. 

When to Visit the Red Coconut Club

The Red Coconut club is open seven nights per week from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am. 

Red Coconut Club Dress Code

The dress code for the Red Coconut Club is casual-chic. That basically means casual, but a little dressy. You don't need a jacket and tie or a fancy dress, but you should probably avoid basic tank-tops and ball caps. To get more ideas on what to wear, check out casual-chic fashion on Pinterest. 

Map the Red Coconut Club 

You can use this CityWalk map to locate the Red Coconut Club. It is number 31 on the map.

The Red Coconut Club is number 31 on this Universal CityWalk Orlando map.

The Red Coconut Club is number 31 on this Universal CityWalk Orlando map.

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