Storm Force Accelatron in Islands of Adventure in Orlando

Storm Force Accelatron ride entrance.

Storm Force Accelatron ride entrance.

Ride Type

Cup-style spinning ride


Storm Force Accelatron can be found in Marvel Super Hero Island in Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure. It is located to the left of CafĆ© 4. Look for the large gold dome that houses the ride. 

Storm Force Accelatron Ride Description

Storm Force Accelatron is a classic cup-style spinning ride (some might call it a teacup ride) that consists of 12 pods on a spinning platform. Up to five people can ride in each pod. There is a wheel in the center of the pod that you can turn to control how much or how little your pod spins during the ride.

The ride itself has an X-Men theme. As a guest, you must use the Accelatron, Professor Xavier's latest invention, to help super hero Storm defeat the mutant villain Magneto. As you spin in the accelerator, Storm's powers (which allow her to summon the forces of nature) are amplified enough for her to create the thunder, lightning, and other forces needed to thwart Magneto's evil plans.   

Storm Force Accelatron Ride History

Storm Force Accelatron was added to Marvel Super Hero Island in 2000, about one year after Islands of Adventure opened. The ride was incorporated to round out the ride offerings in that area and provide another attraction to shorten wait times at more popular rides like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk Coaster.

Express Pass

Express Passes are accepted at the entrance of Storm Force Accelatron. However, wait times are usually short for this ride, so an Express Pass might not significantly reduce your time in the queue. 

Storm Force Accelatron ride vehicles.

Storm Force Accelatron ride vehicles.

Single Rider Line

Storm Force Accelatron does not have a single rider line.

Child Swap

Child swap is available on Storm Force Accelatron.

Height Restrictions

Guests under 48 inches tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion that meets the height requirement to ride Storm Force Accelatron.


Guest may remain in or transfer to a standard wheelchair to ride Storm Force Accelatron.

UO Fan Guide Ride Tip

The faster you crank the wheel in the center of your ride vehicle, the faster your pod will spin.

UO Fan Guide Mini Review of Storm Force Accelatron

It's nice to see a ride based around a female super hero in an area that is very clearly dominated by male super heroes. But it would also be nice to see something else swoop in to take the place of Storm Force Accelatron. This ride is reminiscent of the basic spinning rides that you might see at an amusement park or a really, really good carnival. The fact is that the ride just doesn't seem good enough to be in a world class theme park like Islands of Adventure. If the lines are too long everywhere else, take a spin on the Storm Force Accelatron, but otherwise, look for something else to ride.

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