The Mystic Fountain in Islands of Adventure

The Mystic Fountain is located near the entrance of The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad in The Lost Continent.

The Mystic Fountain is located near the entrance of The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad in The Lost Continent.

Type of Show

Comedy show

Show Length



The Mystic Fountain is located in Sindbadโ€™s Bazaar in the Lost Continent in Islands of Adventure. You can find it near the entrance of The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Stunt Show

The Mystic Fountain Show Description

According to Islands of Adventure legend, The Mystic Fountain is an enchanted stone fountain built upon active underground geysers. The fountain is possessed by a mischievous water spirit that likes to sing, play games, tell jokes, and interact with guests (especially younger guests). If you approach The Mystic Fountain, the water spirit will acknowledge you and ask you questions. If you get the question wrong (or right) it will most likely spray you with water. If you stand close enough to The Mystic Fountain, you will get very wet. 

The Mystic Fountain Show History

The Mystic Fountain has been in Islands of Adventure since the park opened in 1999.

Express Pass

The Mystic Fountain does not accept or require an Express Pass.


You can get near The Mystic Fountain in a wheelchair or electronic conveyance vehicle (ECV) but you might get wet!

UO Fan Guide Show Tip

Be sure to tell The Mystic Fountain about any special events that you might be celebrating at the park. You should also try tossing in a coin and making a wish. 

UO Fan Guide Mini Review of The Mystic Fountain

The Mystic Fountain is a fun experience for all ages. There is rarely a line for the attraction. You should definitely stop by for a unique interaction as you are walking through the Lost Continent. If you need a break, try sitting in the shade and watching the fountain interact with other guests. You are sure to get a laugh. 

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